Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been trying to figure out why something I view as an outlet, where I ramble and make sense of my world has not been calling me.

I don't have inspirations of being the next big blogger.  I am not looking to make this my next career, but I like it.  I like when people read what I write.  I like when people comment on my posts.

I write about me.

I write about my family but also about what makes me a whole person on my own. 

I run, I cook, I entertain, I like good food, I like adult beverages, I like my independence.

All the things that make me, that keep me balanced, that remind me of who I am inside this life are on hold. 

It is frustrating.  It sucks. I am over it.

But I am not sitting with a dark cloud above me.  I know my life is good, I know that it could be so much worse. 

I am just distracted from my life, without all the usual distractions I enjoy.

I am off centered but I am here.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sundays

I am having a case of the Sundays. 

The Sundays is a term left over from my younger days, when we used to go out all weekend, which started Thursday night, even when we had school and work on Friday.  By Sunday you were left feeling run down, tired a little sad and a little mopey.

You just want to curl up in sweat pants,  eat hot soup and snuggle.


That is how I am feeling.

I am sick of this damn cast, I am sick of bad news, I am sick of friends being sick, I am sick of looking at my floor and not being able to sweep it, I am sick of not being able run with my kids, or run on the trail.  I am sick of needing help, I am sick of my daughter loosing her mind and not knowing how to stop it, I am sick of hopping. 

I am over it.

I wish my husband was home.

Tomorrow my black cloud mood will fade and I will be perky and optimistic again, but today I am not feeling it. 


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Before I had kids I thought kindergarteners were tiny.  Then I had Taylor and she was a baby, a toddler, and little kid, she was so much smaller.

Now she is five, which used to sound young, but for five years I have been her world, her everyday.  In a few years five will seem small again but for now it huge. 

She is a regular kid, a girl and she started kindergarten last week.

She was ready, she was thrilled and she was "Just so proud" of herself.  I was proud and impressed that my baby girl started elementary school.

I have a kid in elementary school....crazy.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Is Booked

We have been dreaming about a vacation.

Not a trip to visit family, but an actual vacation.  You know one with a swim up bar,  little umbrellas in cocktails, sand, flip flops, snorkels, and beach towels.  A vacation.

Our first plan was to find a house to rent, a house that maybe had someone who would come in and help clean and/or cook.  The Dominican was looking pretty good, but the flights we averaging a minimum of 15 hours and Rob voted no.

I kept looking, and researching, and reading, and browsing and trying to find the right place.

Here in lies the problem the problem, I can look forever. 

We decided to talk to a travel agent, so we actually go on vacation and not just spend the next two months looking indecisively at options.  Within 24 hours our trip was booked.  We are are staying at an all inclusive resort, this will be a first for me.  It is not off the beaten path at all but

Mexico, Playa Del Carmen.


I am so ready.

Well not actually ready but I have a few months to get myself into a swimsuit,   then I will be ready.

Oh, ya, and the pesky cast.  I have to do is get myself out of this cast and walking on two feet and then I am ready for vacation.

I will be dreaming about it until then.

Happy Thursday,