Thursday, November 18, 2010

I should not be blogging

I finished the course work for my Masters in Business two months after my daughter was born, but I never finished my Thesis. 

I have not been looking for a job, it did not really matter, but the longer I put it off the more stress I felt about it, the harder it seemed.

Finally, more then four years later, I am actively working on it. 

I sent my first draft in,  I was hoping it would come back and there would only be a few changes necessary, but no there are lots and lots of edits. 

Honestly I wanted to cry, I just want to be done.  Edits are good, but I was asked to make big changes to the beginning of the paper and it feels so daunting.

I am trying not to get derailed.  

My goal was to have it done and finalized my December 16th, allowing me to apply for spring graduation.  I am going to try and make that goal still.  I work well with deadlines, so I need to keep that hard-and-fast date in mind. 

I went running this morning so today when I  go to the gym, I am not to going to work out, I am going  to check my kids into the daycare and get two hours to work.

I should not be blogging right now I should be working on my thesis.

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