Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running in Santa Fe

Running in Santa Fe = Hard on the lungs and easy on the soul.

Georgia O'Keeffe came to New Mexico and decided to make it her home because of the beautiful landscapes and sky. I grew up in Santa Fe but sometimes I am still awestruck with the beauty of New Mexico. 

My mom lives just outside of town, there is an out and back run on a quite road starting from her front door.  Running at 7,000 feet makes it hard to breath (more so with the rolling incline on the way out), but it was so worth it. 

On the morning I went running it was amazing, a slight sprinkling of snow, it was cool and crisp but the sun was shining.  I loved every minute of it. 

Taking a moment alone, challenging myself, taking in the view, stepping away from the stimulation of family and the holidays and running, changed my state of mind.  It made me feel satisfied, peaceful and ready. 

 Enjoy the view, the moment, the run or what ever you do that makes you feel like you,


*I took these pictures later, I did not have my camera when I went running, but I wanted it so I could share how beautiful it was.  I would have brought my camera the next time I went running but I never made it out again (too much to do, too many kids, not enough sleep and maybe too many margaritas).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thesis Done!

Thesis = MBA

I am done.  I got the email this evening I am finally finished.

Years ago I started an MBA program at SF State.  I lived in Oakland with my best girl friends, I had a great boy friend, I worked 50 hours a week and went to school at night.  I had a nonstop busy life and I loved it because I new it was temporary.

Soon my boyfriend became my fiance, and I added wedding planning to my crazy life.

Then more change happened, I got pregnant, then when I was 6 six month pregnant I was laid off, a few months later my boyfriend became my husband, I moved to Sacramento and Taylor was born.  My life was just as nonstop but for totally different reasons.

I took two weeks off school after I had Taylor.  Then with the support of Rob and my mom I finished my last few classes two months after Taylor was born. 

Rob would drive me to the city (because I could not stand to be so far away from Taylor), he would put her in a sling and walk for three hours while I was in class. 

When Rob went back to work my mom came to help, and she would come to the city and take care of Taylor while I was in class. 

When I finished my classes I was done.  My thesis was so far from my mind. 

My whole world had changed, suddenly I was a stay at home mom in a new city.

The longer I went without working on my thesis heavier it felt, the harder it felt to commit to it, so I just did not do it.

I stopped and started working on it several times, then a few months ago I started working on it for real. I had a deadline, which clearly I need, and finally I am done.

I am done.

Thank you Autumn for your help with my thesis- I would have lost it without your help.



Food = Love

I am not saying that eating is a valid replacement for any type of love and I am not talking about my ongoing weight issues but nothing says "I love you" or "I care for you" like feeding them.

In my family if someones dies you bring food, if someone has a baby you bring food, if someone comes over you feed them, and if someone shows up unexpectedly you still feed them.

What brought on this tangent?

I am cooking soup.  Hearty, rich vegetable soup, which by the way, is a very good way to say "I love you".

Nothing says love like soup or waffles with whip cream and strawberries.  I am not really sure why but its how I feel.

It is rainy and cool, and I am cooking soup.  I have friends coming for dinner so I got excited and decided to bake cookies as well, Carrot Cake Cookies (can you say "eemmm", these suckers are good).
Show some love,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

You may be wondering...

December 16th has come and gone (as you may have guessed, given my last post was titled "December 17th") and you may be wondering if I made my thesis deadline.

The answer is no.  I have submitted my third (and hopefully final draft) and I am awaiting approval.

Honestly, I was surprised that I had to do the third draft.  I thought I was done the with the second draft, and I would have been done well before December 16th.  Instead I am on to the third draft, not ideal but I am on my way.

I am far enough along that even if I have to do a forth draft (cross you fingers that I don't), I will finish. 

I am checking my email much too often to see if my professor has emailed me.  I just want to be done, I am over it, but very close. 

I will finish before the new year.

I will keep you posted,


Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th

Today my Nephews are 1 years old today!

They are wild, sweet, funny, great little guys. 

I am so happy they are living in San Francisco (temporally) so that I  can see them more often and have my kids grow up with them.  My goal is to get Kyle a Job in Sacramento so they can stay.

Kyle and Tabby are such good parents, they impress me with how well they have adjusted to being parents to twins, and moving to a new city, and having crazy busy lives.

Happy Birthday Boys!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dishes Can Wait Childhood Cannot

I read this on a kitchen blackboard before I had kids and it stuck with me.

This weekend nothing that needed to get done happened, and I don't care.  We had fun and our kids got to be kids and enjoy childhood.

We hung out with friends, we played with leaves, we went roller skating and Taylor had a date with Rob (and several other father/daughter friends) to the Nutcracker.

It was such a fun weekend. 

Somehow with the rush of getting out the door for the Nutcracker I did not take any pictures.  Taylor was so excited, she wore a fancy dress and wanted a necklace, she wore my pearls.  So cute.  After the show a handful of dads and their daughters went out for dessert.  It was after 10:00 (which is like  2  AM for Taylor) when they came back to meet us at our friends house,  Taylor still had stars in her eyes she was so excited.

Life is good and occasionally it takes a messy floor to take time to enjoy it.


Friday, December 10, 2010


I am a crazy person.

Today was filled with self imposed highs and lows:

High: This morning I made a cup of coffee and started drinking it before I made breakfast for anyone.  If you are not a mom you may not understand the simple pleasure taking time to drink your coffee while it is still hot the first time (I put my coffee in the microwave several times every morning). 

High: Happy Kids in the car on the way to school, again simple pleasures, take'em as you can.

Low: Working on draft 3 of my thesis. My eyes and head hurt from making charts.  I am so over it. 

Low: Marathon let down, running is like therapy for me, it is my mental, physical, and emotional release and post race let down is hard.  I think this is the root to my mood swings today.

High: In lieu of running as therapy I went for retail therapy. A few Christmas gifts bought, but the exciting items were a found at Marshalls, a Le Creset braising pan (a really good price, I could not say no), and wine glasses that match ones I already have (I have been looking for them).   I will post pictures of the new pot filled with something cooking soon (suggestions welcome).  I love housewares- A nice pot totally does it for me.

Low: Rob had to work = No date night for me.  I am in need of a date with my husband.

High: Jaxson is taking a nap, and Taylor and her friend are playing happily and I get to blog (ignoring my pesky thesis).

High: It is 5:30 and I have earned a glass of wine.

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

marathon wrap up

26.2 miles is far. 

It is long and hard, and no matter how well prepared for it you are, there will be a point during the race that you wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea.

But, even during that moment (or hour), I knew without a doubt that I will run another one.

The race went fine.

Fine is the only word I find to describe how I feel about it. 

I ran it and I finished it. 

It took me forever, which I had anticipated going into it, but I cannot seem to get passed it. 

There were several times that I added minutes to my finish (like when I stopped and talked with my family for 8 minutes), at the time I did not care.  I was not concerned about my time... until I finished.  Now it bugs me.  I cannot get excited about finishing- I feel blaa about it.  Ridiculous I know.

That being said, I was not out of my ice bath before I was thinking about my next race. 

I am thinking Napa, and despite my painfully slow finish at the CIM, I would feel like a total bad ass to run two marathons before Jaxson's first birthday.

Happy Running,


Saturday, December 4, 2010

26.2 Here I Come!

Ok, race day is here.

I have butterflies, I am excited and dreading it all at the same time. 

This is my 3rd full marathon, but for some reason I am nervous.  Maybe because I am at home, my other races I have traveled to (Napa and San Francisco), I ate out, I slept in a hotel, I was out of my element and everything was about the race.  Today was just a regular day, but I have to wake up in the morning and run a marathon and it is making me nervous.

I have done the training, I have the miles on my feet.  There will be friends, family and strangers to cheer us on, and I love when people are cheering me on.  It will be good.

If you find yourself out and about in Sacramento or anywhere along the course come and and cheer us on, I will happily take all the support I can get.

Wish me luck,

Friday, December 3, 2010

an afternoon date at home

...with the kids.

When doing a project with small people preparation is key. I am learning, albeit slowly, but I am learning.

I made the dough ahead of time (is has to rest 30 min. in the fridge), then made a spot for each kid on the counter, four stools and some cookie cutters later it was game on.

They loved it, and I got over the flour on the floor and enjoyed watching them go to town.

We were going to decorate them, but they had so much fun playing with the dough we never made it that far, which = less  mess for me to clean up.

I don't think that sugar cookies are worth eating but I enjoyed pumpkin lattes.
Tasty treat

We had a few meltdowns but overall it was a good day.