Monday, December 20, 2010

Thesis Done!

Thesis = MBA

I am done.  I got the email this evening I am finally finished.

Years ago I started an MBA program at SF State.  I lived in Oakland with my best girl friends, I had a great boy friend, I worked 50 hours a week and went to school at night.  I had a nonstop busy life and I loved it because I new it was temporary.

Soon my boyfriend became my fiance, and I added wedding planning to my crazy life.

Then more change happened, I got pregnant, then when I was 6 six month pregnant I was laid off, a few months later my boyfriend became my husband, I moved to Sacramento and Taylor was born.  My life was just as nonstop but for totally different reasons.

I took two weeks off school after I had Taylor.  Then with the support of Rob and my mom I finished my last few classes two months after Taylor was born. 

Rob would drive me to the city (because I could not stand to be so far away from Taylor), he would put her in a sling and walk for three hours while I was in class. 

When Rob went back to work my mom came to help, and she would come to the city and take care of Taylor while I was in class. 

When I finished my classes I was done.  My thesis was so far from my mind. 

My whole world had changed, suddenly I was a stay at home mom in a new city.

The longer I went without working on my thesis heavier it felt, the harder it felt to commit to it, so I just did not do it.

I stopped and started working on it several times, then a few months ago I started working on it for real. I had a deadline, which clearly I need, and finally I am done.

I am done.

Thank you Autumn for your help with my thesis- I would have lost it without your help.


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