Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Seconds

I don't  know how to start this post.

I guess I should say that everything is fine.  We are okay but I am crying already.

Yesterday started off good.  Health kick in full effect, good workout, happy kids, happy mama.

After I worked out Taylor left with an friend and I stayed with Jax in the lounge/cafe area at the gym. I fed him lunch and watched him play with a friend.  When we were ready to leave he walked to the water fountain, there is a step stool there that he loves to climb.  I watched him stop there, then I turned my to pack my bag.

I turned my back to him for 10 seconds, when I turned around he was gone.  I looked in all directions. 

The door was propped open. There is water. A pool, a kiddie pool and a hot tub.  I ran outside.

I looked towards the kiddie pool he was not there, then to hot tub.

This is hard to write it, I keep waiting to wake up.  This didn't really happen, it couldn't happen to me. 

He was in the hot tub.  I may have screamed I don't remember. 

I ran.  My mind and my legs raced. 

At the edge of the hot tub I landed wrong, heard a pop in my foot, I jumped in, and  I grabbed my baby.  

He was fine.

He coughed, he snuggled, and finally he smiled. 

He is fine.  He is perfect.

I however am not, my foot is likely broken. I can't walk much less run. I can't drive, I can't carry my baby. My foot is a painful reminder of the worst and best moments of my life.  My child fell in the water and I did not know where he was then I got to hold my child as I sat on the side of the hot tube holding him and he was fine. 

The utter fear of seeing my baby in the water is much more painful and and will and will last much longer then a broken foot.

Broken bones will heel.

I am more thankful and blessed then I could ever begin to express,


  1. Oh Elena how TERRIFYING! I gasped when I read this. I am sorry about your foot, but I am SO SO glad your baby is ok....

  2. Holy cow, are you okay? Call me if you want to chat. Rough day, but it all ended up okay. :) xoxoxo from down south <3

  3. Oh my gosh...I am on the verge of tears! You poor, poor mama! My goodness. What a terrible and wonderful thing, all at the same time :'(

    Breathe. Everything is okay...

  4. Atleast you are both fine! Phew Elena. As you said, bones can heel.

  5. So scary Elena, but I am so happy to hear everyone is okay! Let me know if you need help with anything while your foot is mending.

  6. Oh heart is broken thinking of this scene. Oh wow wow wow...I can only imagine the feeling. It happened once for me with Mateo and my mom was the one to race to get him and ended up completely black and blue on one side of her body from falling in an effort to save him. Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to hear the ending of the story but again my heart breaks for the scary moment (that must have felt like eternity) for you. THANK GOD you went into immediate action and knew exactly where to go to find him! God was watching over you and your boy. Sleep well knowing that my friend. xo

  7. OMG, I would have been terrified. Thank God he is OK. Little ones move SO fast!

  8. Elena, I put this post on my Facebook page for young parents and grandparents, too.

  9. What a scary moment for any glad that your little one is okay & I hope your foot is not broken!

  10. I'm sorry that happened to you Elena. It's happened to me once with Dominic...except I lost him for a few minutes. He's safe, you saved him. Your a good mama, you and him are both very blessed :)


  11. Oh my gosh - my eyes are full of tears because I feel your panic. I am glad he is ok and if you need any help I know you have a great village to help but I can help too.

  12. Scariest day ever, holy crap. I am so glad everything worked out for the best, because that broken foot is nothing, right?

  13. Oh my!! I'm so sorry you had to experience this. But thank God nothing more serious happened. I'm sure you are taking extreme precautions to lock doors and keep the pool, hot tub less accessible.
    God Bless you all.

    Stopping by from FTLOB.

  14. I am so happy he is ok - I lost my little one at the beach for a few seconds and I remember that feeling - luckily he was fine too but it is the longest few seconds.

    Visiting from FTLOB


  15. It's amazing how fast those little people can move. So glad it all turned out OK, and hope your foot heals fast!

  16. So glad you are both OK, Elena. So terrifying.