Sunday, May 15, 2011

muffin tops

I went to the mall yesterday, I never go to the mall.  Specifically I never go to the mall alone with two kids, which by the way I don't suggest. 

Anyhow, the mall was packed.  My huge jogging stroller and wandering (almost) 5 year old did not help navigate the crowds.   It was not the scene of shopping bliss I had imagined, I was not able to manage any actual shopping.

After observing hordes of mall people I would like to offer the following suggestion:  If you have a muffin top (and I do), you should not wear clothing that draws attention to said muffin top. 

Please don't wear jeans that dig into your ample love handles and then top them off with a fitted shirt that struggles to fit around your love lumps.

Dress for your body. 

If you no longer have the body you once had, I pass not judgment, I am right there with you, but please adjust what you are wearing accordingly. 

If you dropped 30 pounds you would no go around wearing the same three sizes too small clothing.  Please do yourself a favor and don't continue to wear your skinny clothes when you are no longer skinny.

Mix it up a to flatter your new body. You may not want the body you are in but it is here, you cannot pretend it away.

I have spent a great deal of time remixing my wardrobe to find figure flattering combinations. 

Remember: flowing tops, dresses, layers and spanx are your friends.  Work with what you have.

I'm just saying..


If you have a moment and want a laugh check out this Lady Gaga spoof Muffin Top.


  1. I think I just went to church! Preach it sister!

  2. How can a muffin top be such a delcious thing and a travesty all at the same time.
    I concur!!

  3. word. I think you are ready for a job on What Not to Wear.

    And, yes. There is no actual shopping that gets done when you have little ones in tow. :(

  4. I agree!

    I'm in need of a fashion consultant for sure... but one of mistakes I try not to make is ill fitted clothing. If anything I make myself look fat by wearing things a bit on the large size... but I hate to subject the world to my love handles by wearing things that are too tight.

  5. I would love a make over- please feel free to nominate me for what not to wear- but I really try not to emphasize my not so cute parts.

  6. Being plus size and a sad little hippo after four children, I can tell you that I totally agree. They make cute clothing for women in my department. Nobody can see your pants size except for you, so fit your body and stop trying to cram yourself into something too small. Because then you look a whole lot less attractive than you actually are.

  7. True that sister. It's just not worth it to squeeze yourself into something that doesn't fit just for the sake of wearing a certain size!

  8. I agree 110%, I am tired of seeing women with fitted tops and their so-called muffin tops spilling every which way! Please get some decent fitting clothing! Learn when enough is enough!

    I may wear a fitted top but I put a blazer or layer another shirt over it! Nobody needs to see my muffin top runneth over.

  9. I agree with this! People pay too much attention to 'labels' these days then they do to fit/size/how it looks on you! Believe me, I'm just recently starting to get out of this habit. I'm not a 'big girl' but boy, my boobs do NOT fit in a small and I used to try and stuff them in there...People need to realize that it's sexier to wear clothes that look good on you, not ones that have an S on the label! Agreed 100%

  10. You are a wise, wise women. I totally notice this when ever I go out in people actually look in the mirror before they go out?!?! Yikes!

    Sorry to hear your shopping trip was a bust...but at least you got some "free" fashion advice {aka: what not to wear} out of it :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  11. This is very true, I might not dress perfectly all the time but some people's clothing choices I find baffling!

  12. Seriously! Just buy bigger pants, people!! There's no shame in bigger pants!

  13. I know what you mean there is nothing worse than someone who wears a crop top to show off thier fat to everyone. Not every trend is a good one!

  14. Who needs Clinton and Stacy when Elena does the trick? What about the muffin top paired with a shelf-bra tank top that shows off the dinner rolls and some saggies? Eeeeeeew.

  15. I'm so with you on the muffin top! BTW...I just found you through another blog...and LOL! That's an awesome post.

  16. Love the post, and love the spoof! Muffin tops are the WORST... as is pushing a huge-ass double jogger through the crowds at the mall. i feel your pain.

  17. Kim said it best. "Word."

    Cuz yeah, I was bigger and now I'm smaller. And no matter what my size, I at least acknowledged what I had to work with and tried to find SOMETHING that fit properly.

  18. Yup. Clothes that are too small make you look way bigger. It's funny because I wore some pretty loose-fitting pants and shirt yesterday (looser than normal), and hubby said I looked really "skinny." Lesson learned...