Thursday, March 31, 2011

health kick week one

Week one of my new health kick.

I picked the most boring week ever to document my food.  Rob was gone almost all week, I did not feed him so I ate the same thing all week, taco salad and tuna.

I had a protein shake with spinach, 1/2 a banana, and fat free milk everyday.  If I start my day with a shake I make better food choices all day.

I did not work out enough the week, I don't know why, it was just one of those weeks.  I will do better moving forward.

I kept my calories between 1200 and 1400 calories every day except Tuesday.  Tuesday was not a good day for eating, it was yet another birthday and I made another cake.  It was good, really good.  I had to eat a piece, a bite was not going to do it.

I kept all my meals around 400 calories, then I used 200-400 calories for snacks (almonds and oranges), treats, and alcohol.  I counted and recorded everything here.  I measure or weighed everything I made for myself with the exception of the lentil soup (lentils, olive oil, tomatoes, veggies and broth).

I am trying to make good choices but allow myself a little wiggle room so I can stick to it, thus the 200-400 fun (snack/treat/booze) calories a day.

I am going to try and not have so many sweets this week and work out more.

If you want to see the detailed list of what I ate you can read about it here, but I wont bore you with all the the details here.

Week one, not a major success but I am off to a good start.  I am really thinking about everything I put in my mouth.  I think I will do another collage of what I am eating this week for, it did help me to stay aware.



what I am really eating

This is not an exciting post.  Unless you want the nitty-gritty about what I am eating just go here and read about my first week on my health kick.

Work outs and Food Log Week one:

Wed: Protein shake, coffee, spinach salad with egg, Parmesan and smoked salmon, english muffin with one tbs cream cheese, 20 almonds, apple, tomato lentil soup topped with Parmesan, glass of wine, salt water taffy.

pilates 40 min, insanity 40 min

Thurs: Protein Shake, coffee, 10 almonds, 1/4 apple, broccoli slaw with 1 tbs spicy peanut vinaigrette, spinach salad, tuna (with 1 tsp mayo), taco salad with beans, cottage cheese, ground turkey, cheese and salsa, tapioca.

no work out.

Friday:  Protein Shake, coffee, 10 almonds, BBQ chicken sandwich on a sandwich thin, Green salad with feta, mini taco salad, lentil soup, 2 glasses of wine, tapioca.

Work out: 10 min stair stepper, 30 min circuit lifting.

Saturday: Protein Shake, coffee, Green salad with beans, cheese and salsa, chicken enchiladas, margarita, chocolate chip cookie.

Sunday: 325 calories of bliss aka Whole wheat English muffin, cream cheese and smoked salmon, Coffee, mini carrot cake cupcake, strawberries, taco salad.

Monday: Protein Shake, coffee, tuna on a thin and green salad, fish taco and asparagus.

40 stair stepping, 40  circuit lifting

Tuesday (Not a good eating day): 10 Almonds, several tastes of frosting, Turkey Sandwich, cuties, whole wheat crust pizza, 2 reduced calorie margaritas, piece of chocolate peanut butter cake, so bad but so good.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am a wanna be

I wanna be a great runner.  It took me four marathons to call myself a runner.

I wanna be a domestic goddess.  I want to throw dinner parties and have everything ready and clean when people come.  I want a perfectly organized home, that is contempory, put together and still cozy. 

I wanna be a great mom.  I want to have endless patience, and knowledge, and want to play all the time.  I want to make the right choices for my kids.

I wanna be super fit and strong. 

I wanna be the wife that makes my husband feel safe, sexy, and at home where ever I am. 

I wanna be compassionate and passionate all the time while still being me.

I wanna be a better friend, one who can talk when friends call, and make plans that I keep, and I want to know the right thing to say.

I wanna be a lot of things. 

I wanna be happy.

And for the most part I am.

I am a work in progress but I love my life. 

I am happy to be me, even if I am a wanna be.

What to you want to be?

Good Night,


Sunday, March 27, 2011

today I made


As you know I am on a health kick, and you may also know that, despite the carrots, carrot cake is so not healthy.

But... baking can say love.

I wanted to show some love.

So I baked. 


Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

With Cream Cheese Frosting.

I should so not be eating cupcakes.

But look at them...

I made two dozen to drop off for our friends birthday.

Then I made a few mini cupcakes with the extra batter.

I decided that I needed to try one. I had to make sure they were good right? I didn't want to drop of two dozen bad cupcakes.

The mini cupcake probably packed 200 calories but it was worth it.

I promptly packed them up and we were off to deliver them.

I have a few hundred calories a day that I am letting myself have for treats or cocktails, I used them all up with one little cupcake, it was yummy.

No running, just baking.

This is not good.

But I showed some love.

Share the love,


Friday, March 25, 2011

what do I want to be

I am done making babies. Now what?

I got laid off when I was pregnant with Taylor, it shook my word but it was okay.  We went forward planning our life, I did not need a new job.  I decided to say home.

By stay home, I mean not go to a job that pays me, we are never home.

In the past five years I have become a wife, mother,  runner, parents club president,  coach,  MBA, blogger...and I am sure many other things.

I am still unsure of what I want to be when I grow up.

I feel so blessed and fortunate that I am able to stay home, but I am getting the itch to do more.  Maybe because Taylor will start kindergarten in the fall.

I am not ready to be gone all day, but maybe 10 to 15 hours a week, a few mornings or days a week would be good.

I would like to be a part time professional and a full time mom.

It is not easy to find professional work on a part time basis.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

something new

My internet is running slow, very slow, or maybe it is my computer.

I am not feeling particularly witty or quick.

I am feeling like my computer.

I want to move on from my last post where I was lamenting about not fitting into my jeans (which I will follow up on next week).

I am a mom, I spend a lot of time doing mom things, I cook, I drive to ballet, I change diaper, lots of diapers, but on occasion I go out.  Most of the time it is for dinner and drinks.

But sometimes we come up with something different.

Say, pole dancing.

Yes, pole dancing, like they do at a strip club.

Except not.

We wore sweat pants.

It is totally harmless, we even had a pregnant dancer.

Don't be scared.

Stepping out from the norm is good, going outside your comfort zone is good.

As an added perk it is a workout, quickly counteracted by the margaritas we partook in, but a workout none the less.

It will not disappoint.

Happy dancing,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am over it

Here is the deal, my baby will be one in a month and I still do not fit back into most my jeans, you know the cute ones.

I am not happy about it.  It sucks.

In the past 11 months I have had a baby and run two marathons.  I look like I had a baby but not so much like I ran two marathons.

Something has got to give.

Here is how I am planning to fit into my cute jeans in the next 30 days. 

I am going to watch what I eat, including the bites I take of the kids food (no more PB&J crusts).  I will watch what and how much I drink, drink more water, and feed myself real food.  I will stop eating bites of the kids food and waiting to really eat until I am starving. I will plan and prepare meals for myself. Finally I will move more even if I can't run.

I realize I have posted about this before, but...I need to be accountable. 

To keep myself accountable I am going to do a post weekly showing or listing exactly what I am eating, drinking and how much I am moving during the week.

In a week you can be on the look out for my food and exercise log, maybe not the most exciting reading for you, but fitting into my jeans will be exciting for me.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

whats cooking?

I have not shared what's been cooking for a while, probably because I have been recyclying our staple meals, I am not overly inspired.

Turkey Chile:

Red chile powder, cumin, pinto beans, onions, tons of veggies (we like carrots and zucchini), ground turkey, tomato paste and stock. This is Taylor's new favorite soup.

Italian Sausage and Veggie Soup:

Sorry for the old picture taken with my phone.  This used to be Taylor's favorite soup.  I make it with turkey Italian sausage, onions, carrots and zucchini (again), a can of tomato paste, a can of tomato sauce, chicken stock and pasta.  While this pictures does not show it, I cook the noodles separately and add them when I serve the soup so they do not get over cooked when I reheat it later in the week.  I serve it with red pepper flakes and Parmesan.  If you have picky eaters you can puree the veggies, the soup will get thicker and your kids will have no idea how many veggies they are getting.

Chicken Tacos:

Roast chicken breast with red chile powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt and olive oil, then shred it for the tacos.  I serve them with avocado and salsa.  I like to cook extra chicken for another meal later in the week.

My version of Chicken Pho:

I was stuck at home with sick kids so I had time to make stock, but you could use store bought and add ginger, basil, Chinese five spice, fish sauce, lime and a touch of agave or sugar.  When broth is well flavored add chicken and rice noodles.  Top it with cilantro, basil, jalapenos, bean sprouts, lime and sriracha.

Random Salad:

This salad had egg, jalapeno olives and Parmesan, with a balsamic vinaigrette. Protein, salt and veggies, done.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich:

I put frozen chicken breasts in my crock pot with a BBQ sauce blend.  When the chicken was cooked I shredded it and served it on a bun topped with a vinegar slaw.  I added tapatio to mine for a little spice.

Brussel Sprouts:

I made an otherwise boring meal of whole wheat pasta and hard boiled eggs,  the brussel sprouts were the best part of the meal.  We love brussel sprouts, and yes even my kids love them, Tay decided her pasta had not flavor (I could not argue with her) and decided she would just eat the sprouts.  You can check out my suggestions for cooking them here.

What are you cooking this week?

Happy cooking,


Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am not in training.  I have not been running.  I need to run.

I need to run.  Running is my therapy, my time, my sanity.

I have been at the gym, which is good, but it is not the same.

I am looking at my week and Rob is gone all but one day.  That means he is home for less then 24 hours in the next seven days. 

The weather report says will be raining for the next seven days.

It is going to be a long week for everyone.

I need to run.  I need my moment.

I am up for running in the rain but I am not up for running in the rain with my stroller.

I need a plan.

My options are limited, the plan is I will be at the gym. 

Not ideal but I will run and I will find me.

Take your moment,


Friday, March 18, 2011

I should be running...

But I am not.

Rob was home this morning and I could have gone running.

But I didn't.

I went out last night. 

It was St. Patrick's Day which also happens to be my birthday. 

One would think I went to a pub and drank beer and maybe even a little whiskey.

But I didn't.

I don't need to be at a pub when everyone else it at a pub.

Clearly I am getting older.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I drank tequila.

I like tequila.

Our babysitter had to leave by 10:30.  It was a school night. 

I am wild. I know.

Or maybe not.

Next week I run.

Happy Friday,


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lost in thought

Today would have been my father's birthday.  He has been dead for nine years.

It took him dying for me to admit to myself that I missed having a relationship with him.  The last thing he said to me was "Lets keep in better touch."

His number was on my coffee table when he died. 

My dad meant well but he made poor choices and he made it hard for his children to have a relationship with him.  Between the poor choices I remember good things.  More then him not seeing me get married I wish I could see him read to my kids.

I normally don't miss him, I spent a lot of my life learning how not to miss him, but today for some reason I let him in. 

I will credit most of who I am on my mother, but if nothing else I will say that my dad helped me to pick a spouse that will never have to say, "lets keep in better touch" to our kids.  Rob is constant and loyal, he is far from perfect but he tries everyday to be a better man and father.

Today, on what would have been my father's birthday I am thankful for my kids father.

Love always,


Monday, March 14, 2011

what's next

I am not training for a marathon, I am not cooking a baby, what should I do?

For the past two years I have either been training for a marathon, cooking a baby, or taking care of a new baby while remodeling a house and moving. 

I am not in training, I am not making a baby and I am not moving, I don't feel like I have any more time but I do feel like I am ready to create a new challenge.  A new goal.

So here we go:  I will get stronger faster and leaner.

Yes, I know that goals are more achievable when you put specifics behind them.

My next half marathon will be faster (half because a full is further out) and I will be smaller while I am running it.  Does that count as specific? I know I should have dates, numbers and a plan but I am not quite there yet.

I would rather be making a baby or training for a marathon but oh well.

Hopefully announcing to all of you will keep me motivated and make it happen.

Happy Monday,


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

napa marathon

The view while running

How did the marathon go?

I was not feeling good, my head was stuffy and my body was tired when I started.

I was unsure if I was going to run it at all because I was still feeling sick.

On the first hill I felt asthmatic and could not breath and decided that if I was going to run it would have to be slow.

I already run slow, so it had to be very slow.

I took it slow and it was good.  I did not beat myself for going slow (which I sometimes do), I just ran and took it in.

The Napa Valley is beautiful. We ran from Calistoga to Napa, there was some rain and some sun.

If the Napa Marathon was in April I would do it again and again.  It is a beautiful, and everyone is so nice.  As you know, I like to make friends and even the painfully slow people were happy to be there. The attitude was so much better then it was at CIM (in my opinion), and it made the experience better.

It was physically a hard race but mentally I was strong.

Here is what I thought about a lot: I have a friend with Hodgkins Lymphoma and he is under going chemo therapy.  That is hard (on him and his family).  All I had to do was run.  Running is easy.

26.2 done.


Monday, March 7, 2011

2 years 4 marathons and a baby!

March 2009: I ran my 1st marathon.

July 2009: I ran my 2nd marathon, then went home and got pregnant with Jaxson (really, it was that night).

April 2010: Jaxson was born.

December 2010: I ran my 3rd marathon.

March 2011: I ran my 4th marathon.

I am not any thinner then I was when I started, but I am so much stronger both in mind and in body.

Happy Resting,


*I will give you the full rundown on the marathon later.

Friday, March 4, 2011

conversation with taylor

Taylor: Mom, who will fall in love with me?

Me: What? What are you talking about?

Taylor: Who will fall in love with me?

Me: You have lots and lots of time before you need to worry about falling in love.

Taylor: But what if no one falls in love with me?

Me: You are kind, smart, fun and beautiful, someone will fall in love with you.

Taylor: But what if everyone falls in love with me?

Me: Then you get to choose, there are worse problems to have.

Love her.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

are you a runner?

I am running a marathon on Sunday, it is going to rain on Sunday. 

I ran this same marathon in 2009 and it rained, not just a drizzle but a full on storm.  It rained every step of the way, and in case you are not up on race distances, a marathon is 26.2 miles.  That is a lot of steps.  A lot of very wet steps.

I seem to get sick at the end of February or early March.  I was sick just prior to running this race three years ago, and I am sick now.

I am desperately hoping that I get healthy in the next few days, I am drinking lots of fluids and taking a slew of natural remedies.  I want to run, and I want to feel good while I am running.

This is the second time I am running the Napa marathon, but the odds are the same.  Sick in the rain.

After Sunday, I will not run this marathon again. (Please remind me of this when I decided sign up again).

If not Napa, then what marathons should I do?  New York, Big Sur, and Portland are on my list of races I will do someday.

Are you a runner? If so what have you run, what would you recommend and what do you look for in a race?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Running,