Thursday, March 24, 2011

something new

My internet is running slow, very slow, or maybe it is my computer.

I am not feeling particularly witty or quick.

I am feeling like my computer.

I want to move on from my last post where I was lamenting about not fitting into my jeans (which I will follow up on next week).

I am a mom, I spend a lot of time doing mom things, I cook, I drive to ballet, I change diaper, lots of diapers, but on occasion I go out.  Most of the time it is for dinner and drinks.

But sometimes we come up with something different.

Say, pole dancing.

Yes, pole dancing, like they do at a strip club.

Except not.

We wore sweat pants.

It is totally harmless, we even had a pregnant dancer.

Don't be scared.

Stepping out from the norm is good, going outside your comfort zone is good.

As an added perk it is a workout, quickly counteracted by the margaritas we partook in, but a workout none the less.

It will not disappoint.

Happy dancing,



  1. I am addicted to pole dancing. I have to stop for the moment because I am heavily pregnant - but fitness wise, I couldn't ask for a better workout!

  2. I'm here visiting from FTLOB's! And I'm your newest reader!

  3. I have heard of this but enevr tried it! Sounds fun though & I hear it is a good workout!

    Good luck with the losing weight! It's a struggle! I am still struggling & my girls are 5 and almost 4! Obviously, I am not trying evry hard, haha!

    New follower from FTLOB!


  4. Hi!! New follower here from FTLOB.

    I love that you are pole dancing! I've wanted to give that a try...or maybe a burlesque class would be fun as well. The margaritas might have counteracted the workout, but at least it is better than having margaritas without the workout beforehand!

    Oh, and I'm glad you said in another post that you don't know what you want to be when you grow up. Me neither!