Monday, December 20, 2010


Food = Love

I am not saying that eating is a valid replacement for any type of love and I am not talking about my ongoing weight issues but nothing says "I love you" or "I care for you" like feeding them.

In my family if someones dies you bring food, if someone has a baby you bring food, if someone comes over you feed them, and if someone shows up unexpectedly you still feed them.

What brought on this tangent?

I am cooking soup.  Hearty, rich vegetable soup, which by the way, is a very good way to say "I love you".

Nothing says love like soup or waffles with whip cream and strawberries.  I am not really sure why but its how I feel.

It is rainy and cool, and I am cooking soup.  I have friends coming for dinner so I got excited and decided to bake cookies as well, Carrot Cake Cookies (can you say "eemmm", these suckers are good).
Show some love,

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