Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running in Santa Fe

Running in Santa Fe = Hard on the lungs and easy on the soul.

Georgia O'Keeffe came to New Mexico and decided to make it her home because of the beautiful landscapes and sky. I grew up in Santa Fe but sometimes I am still awestruck with the beauty of New Mexico. 

My mom lives just outside of town, there is an out and back run on a quite road starting from her front door.  Running at 7,000 feet makes it hard to breath (more so with the rolling incline on the way out), but it was so worth it. 

On the morning I went running it was amazing, a slight sprinkling of snow, it was cool and crisp but the sun was shining.  I loved every minute of it. 

Taking a moment alone, challenging myself, taking in the view, stepping away from the stimulation of family and the holidays and running, changed my state of mind.  It made me feel satisfied, peaceful and ready. 

 Enjoy the view, the moment, the run or what ever you do that makes you feel like you,


*I took these pictures later, I did not have my camera when I went running, but I wanted it so I could share how beautiful it was.  I would have brought my camera the next time I went running but I never made it out again (too much to do, too many kids, not enough sleep and maybe too many margaritas).

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