Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Wrap Up

A little tidbit about Christmas.

As you know we are a food family.  We cook, bake, feed people and eat. 

On Christmas Eve, my mom, sister, Taylor and I  got busy in the kitchen.  We made sticky buns (vegan and regular), cupcakes for Santa, almond cake, brined the turkey, and made Cioppino for dinner.

That evening we met friends at La Pasado for drinks, as we do every year, the we walked to see the Farolitos  (paper bags filled with sand and a lit votive candle) and luminarias (small fires) that are lit all along the road in the historic part of town. 

We sang Christmas carols (or at least the first verse because that is all we can remember), and enjoyed the magic of friends, family and Santa Fe at Christmas.

We finished Christmas Eve at my mom's house where we open one present (Pajamas every year) and then it was off to bed to wait for Santa. 

Cupcakes for Santa

On Christmas morning the magic continued with happy babies and Taylor ecstatic knowing that Santa had been there and Christmas was finally here.

Later, we cooked, baked, fed people ate, drank enjoyed good company and celebrated.

It was a great Holiday and trip home, I am so thankful that I am able to give my kids these childhood memories and that I am able (with the help of my family) to make Christmas magical.

I hope that you all enjoyed your holidays and wish you all good things for 2011,


 *I will post more pictures and maybe a video or two as I collect them from the various cameras, and hopefully Kim will give me a lesson on blogging so I can figure out how space my pictures evenly.