Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dishes Can Wait Childhood Cannot

I read this on a kitchen blackboard before I had kids and it stuck with me.

This weekend nothing that needed to get done happened, and I don't care.  We had fun and our kids got to be kids and enjoy childhood.

We hung out with friends, we played with leaves, we went roller skating and Taylor had a date with Rob (and several other father/daughter friends) to the Nutcracker.

It was such a fun weekend. 

Somehow with the rush of getting out the door for the Nutcracker I did not take any pictures.  Taylor was so excited, she wore a fancy dress and wanted a necklace, she wore my pearls.  So cute.  After the show a handful of dads and their daughters went out for dessert.  It was after 10:00 (which is like  2  AM for Taylor) when they came back to meet us at our friends house,  Taylor still had stars in her eyes she was so excited.

Life is good and occasionally it takes a messy floor to take time to enjoy it.


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