Friday, December 10, 2010


I am a crazy person.

Today was filled with self imposed highs and lows:

High: This morning I made a cup of coffee and started drinking it before I made breakfast for anyone.  If you are not a mom you may not understand the simple pleasure taking time to drink your coffee while it is still hot the first time (I put my coffee in the microwave several times every morning). 

High: Happy Kids in the car on the way to school, again simple pleasures, take'em as you can.

Low: Working on draft 3 of my thesis. My eyes and head hurt from making charts.  I am so over it. 

Low: Marathon let down, running is like therapy for me, it is my mental, physical, and emotional release and post race let down is hard.  I think this is the root to my mood swings today.

High: In lieu of running as therapy I went for retail therapy. A few Christmas gifts bought, but the exciting items were a found at Marshalls, a Le Creset braising pan (a really good price, I could not say no), and wine glasses that match ones I already have (I have been looking for them).   I will post pictures of the new pot filled with something cooking soon (suggestions welcome).  I love housewares- A nice pot totally does it for me.

Low: Rob had to work = No date night for me.  I am in need of a date with my husband.

High: Jaxson is taking a nap, and Taylor and her friend are playing happily and I get to blog (ignoring my pesky thesis).

High: It is 5:30 and I have earned a glass of wine.

Happy Friday,


  1. dont worry we will go out on a date and it will be GREAT

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! Will have to check it out and add you to my blog list.

    Love Marshall's deals, best place for retail therapy {well, after Nordstrom's Rack}.