Thursday, February 24, 2011

its Thursday...

What does that mean?  Absoutly nothing.

Today is day five that I am at home with sick kids.  And yes, I know that I am fortunate to have generally healthy children, they suffer from no long term ailments and for this I am endlessly grateful.

I am aware of my blessing but this is day five.

I am over being a snot-rag every time I pick up my baby and he rubs his constant flow of snot on me, and I am over the endless neediness, I am over trying, at no avail, to keep them both happy and humored.

Do I sound callous and unkind? I really am a warm and fuzzy mom, but my contact with the outside work has been minumual for the past week and to remain calm and helpful I am going to complain to you so I can turn around and smile at my kids.

One minute I am feeling so  bad for them and the next I am feeling sorry for myself because I am spending yet another day in my house with whining kids. 

I love, love, love my kids but I really enjoy the outside world.

In this moment my small people are distracted I am reaching out to the outside world on my computer, picture me in dark room with the shades drawn, toys, books, water cups and tissue everywhere hoping I can have a few uninterrupted minutes.  My friend Kim posted this link on her blog it made me laugh, and then I read this on the same blog and I was crying laughing, I also highly reccomend taking the time to read about and about #2, I may be going a little stir crazy but this is some funny sh*t.

Ok.  That's it.  I am done.  My small people are requesting me again, warm and fuzzy here I come.

Happy Thursday,


One more thing, do you have any good online reads for me?


  1. Elena, I love you. You are one of the most positive people I know. Even when you are grumpy you're still 'warm and fuzzy'. I wish I had more of that.

  2. Check out its a good time :) Good luck.

  3. I really wish I knew you personally (the downfalls of the internet and having "friends" who could be nutsos. I can feel your pain...and I remember looking at myself after the friends had left and I had snot smears all over the top half of my blouse. Wondering how they all still gave me a generous hug goodbye. I have recently read a book on my Nook that I would recommend to anyone at anytime...totally the best. It is call The Help by Kathryn Sprockett. The movie is out this August and I am making a girls night out of it. It is AMAZING.

  4. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms! Lucky follower #16 one of my favorite numbers : )

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Marlene and thanks for your comments. As for my personality, I would say it is big. Rob makes fun of me because I have to say hi to everyone and make friends with everyone. The people at the grocery store know me because I am chatty. I might be a little type A and I like to be in control, I have a hard time letting go.

    I am pretty much an open book, what you read in my blog is me.

  6. So damn cute. Just like your family. I am so glad to be linked in to your it stands my hub makes fun of me for the same reasons. Beyond the grocery store and on to the bookstore...then...vacation. I make "friends" and friends for us!! He love me though. I love reading about your days because you are open and "real". Stay that way...I truly enjoy you every day I log in-when you have something new to be happy or sad or frustrated or grateful about. I love your blog.

  7. I just happened to stumble upon your blog, and I feel as though I could have written it myself. I am also on day 5 of sick children. (and it's supposed to be my vacation week. awesome.) my blog can be found at Check it out!! I think you'll find we may have some stuff in common ;)

  8. Hi, I came over from Bloggy Moms! I saw you're from Santa Fe, I'm from Albuquerque! Feel free to visit me at