Friday, April 29, 2011

my little princess

I love a story, I love a fairytale, I want my children to dream big. They can be anything they want, president, astronaut, dentist, teacher, nurse, Olympian, firefighter, artist, singer...

But... last year when Taylor told me that she wanted to be a princess when she grows up I gently explained that she could be anything she wanted, but not be a princess.

I am not a princess, you are not a princess and you are never going to grow up to be a princess.  It is just not going to happen.

You should aspire to be something you may actually achieve.  Something that you can go to school for, something you can plan on and work towards.

Something real.

Then along came the royal wedding.  I stand corrected.

This conversation pursued:  "Mommy is she a real princess?"

"Not yet honey, she is going to marry the prince and then she will be a real princess."

Oh no, this is not good.  Did that actually come out of my mouth.

Apparently you can become a princess, it might be more likely that you will become the next platinum selling artist or award winning actor but you can become a princess.

Aim high baby, dream big.

Happy Friday,



  1. Anything's possible! I love, love, LOVE daydreaming about what my babies will be when they grow up. Something amazing, I'm sure!

  2. Howdy! Janelle here from renegade mothering. This post is great - and I was JUST thinking this the other day as my daughter was explaining to me that she wants to be the first female president and I'm just agreeing and encouraging...a little voice inside is saying "good lord Janelle, tell her the truth about how HARD it is to do anything in this world, let alone be a president!" - but I didn't. I just smiled and said "absolutely you can" -- just like you. Cheers.