Sunday, May 29, 2011

rise and shine mama

 I love being a mom. 

I never dreamed about a big white wedding, but I always dreamed about my kids.

Not a day goes by that my heart does not swell with love, that I do not look at my kids with wonder, that I am not thankful that this is my life.

I am a good mom but some days are hard.

Today is one of those days. 

The whining is making me crazy. 

I am calm and a consistent but today I am feeling neither. 

I walked away from my whining five year old and told her that I needed a moment.  Just a moment. 

She followed me. 

Really, why would you follow me.  Just give me one moment, give me a chance to breathe and compose myself.  So that when I talk to you, I can be kind and mature and not sound like a barking dog or a five year old.

I don't know the right reaction. I barked, she barked.

I don't know a perfect parent or a perfect child.  I don't have all the answers, I wish I did but I don't. 

Some days are better then others, it is only nine in the morning and today still has a chance.

Today will be a good day, we will get there.
My kids have a good life, I have a good life.




  1. I so agree, I always would think about things I would do with my kids. I didnt start planning my wedding until I got engaged.

  2. Stopping by from Comment Love (i know i've seen you before though). I hope your day got better. If not, at least it's almost over ;)

  3. Visiting from comment love. I think the fact that you see your shortcomings means you're going to be just fine!

  4. perfection in parents or the children is an impossible goal...who wants to be around someone who has everything all together? ;) Hey, do your will be fine... they will grow up and have a happy...maybe not perfect but, a happy childhood and that really is what you want. Happy not perfect! :) coming from comment love today! :)

  5. I love the title of your blog! ope you had a better day today-no barking...maybe a run would help! Robyn

  6. Visiting from Comment Love. Motherhood is the best job and calling someone could ever aspire for. We are losing ourselves in service and for that the rewards will be great. I'm sure you are FANTASTIC mother :)

  7. Yes, some days are hard. I can relate. But you're right, it's all worth it.