Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need

I need a vacation and a race.

I don't live near my family,  we spend most of our vacations traveling to them.

I love my family, I love to visit them, but it is not a real vacation. 

I need the beach.

We need to plan ahead and book a trip so it actually happens.  We are planning on taking our real vacation in October.  October is four months away,  which will give me four months to look forward to it.

What I am looking for:

A house. 

My kids go to bed at 7:00 and I hate to be on lock down in a hotel room all night long.  We need space. 

I want a break I don't want to be in charge of everything, I feed people and clean up after them at home, I don't want to on vacation.  I would love to have someone come in an cook one meal a day for us or something of that nature.

I don't want to be stuck in the middle of no where, I like to get out and see other people.  My family is great but...

We have passports and are happy to use them. 

Now all I need is a cost effective way to make this happen.


Now for the Race.

I need a race.  I need something to train for.

If I am in training I have not excuses. 

I need to schedule long runs, and I seem to always have something else to do or no child care, if I am in training I will make it a priority.

I want a full marathon, one that is fun and friendly and not too far away.  One in late fall or early winter would be good.


What are your upcoming vacation plans?  What are your upcoming races?

What are you looking forward to or planning?  What do you need.




  1. We almost always rent condos/houses when we go on vacation. We decided that if we can't afford a big ass comfortable place to hang out then we don't want to go on vacation (cramming in a hotel room and being STUCK in the dark when you're kids go to bed at 8 is no fun)!!! We've also doubled up on the hotel rooms (two adjoining rooms) but condos are the way to go.
    I think you should search on VRBO for a nice beachy vacation rental!
    I myself am dying for the ocean... but I don't think we're going to get there this summer. All our extra $ is going into our house.
    What about a race and a beach vacation coinciding the same weekend???

  2. First off, no kids! See if you can get a couple of family members scheduled to come out and help take care of them. Find the best beach in Ca then get to it, that will cut flight costs and allow you to drive to it. Stay at a nice hotel for two nights and finder a cheaper hotel the rest of the time... Without the kids and having to take care of them and just focusing on yourself and Rob, you will be a new lady! -Liz G.

  3. A lake house vacation rental! Cheaper and less crowded than something on the beach, but you still get water and that "vacationy" feel. I can't wait to see what you decide :)

  4. We are considering the same kind of vacation-I'd love to hear what places ste on your short list. We want to rent a house/cottage too, so the baby won't disturb anyone...

  5. We always rent a house when we go to Sea Ranch:

    They have great buy 5 nights get 2 free specials. Not sure if you wanted a warm beach or just a beach.

    Passports - I have not been here, but it's on the short list:
    You are assigned a vacation nanny (included), so while it IS a hotel room, you can leave the kiddos in the room with nanny and go out with Rob.

    Must post pics so I can live vicariously. I too, spend all my money and time off of work visiting family :)

  6. Have you ran CIM? It's the first Sunday in December from Folsom to the Capitol. I believe the cost of registration did go up this week. I wanted to finish my year of half's (i'm running 1 each month) with a full but just can't find the time to train for a full. Good luck with all your needs and wants!

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