Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sitting idle

I am a runner.  I am an athlete of sorts. I find myself and my strength when I run.  Running is my time, it's about me.

Here I sit with my broken foot, not running, not working out, not moving.

Trying not to loose mt mind as I let go control and ask for help.

I am tempted to spend my days eating through the boredom and drinking through the evening, but I know it would make me feel worse.  Instead I have given up all tasty temptations, I am sticking to fruit, veggies, lean proteins and water.

It is not exciting but it works.  I am not running, I am not moving, I am sitting. 

I do a lot of sitting.

My October marathon might be pushed back for a December one.  My summer baking and cooking has been replaced with browsing food blogs and eating plain chicken breasts.  My summer cocktail is a tall glass of water.

It is not what I planned, but it is working.  I know this this will pass, that my foot will heel, that our life will return back to normal. 

I am frustrated but I am thankful.



  1. This is so hard! But you're doing a great job adjusting and you have a wonderful attitude about the whole thing!

  2. Beautifully written, keep your chin up :)