Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's here, it is finally here!

I don't buy big ticket items.  I don't spend a lot of money.

I love a new pair of shoes and on occasion I go out and buy them.  And it makes me happy.  I am all for a little retail therapy when needed.

However, on a given week, I spend money on groceries, and honestly that makes me happy too.

When we moved I decided that the ugly couches were not coming with us.  After seven years of staring at them wondering when they could go away- I sold them, and they went away.  

I ordered a new set online and I have been waiting, and waiting.  They were delayed almost a month, so for the past four months our living room has had a swing and a jumper in it and that is it.

But today, they arrived.  I am excited. I am ecstatic.  They are here and I love them!  The four month wait only adds to my joy of their arrival.

They are nice,  modern and clean, grown up, and microfiber (so I can wipe clean).  I made a decision (not easy for me to do, a couch is a big commitment) and the payoff was big.  I love them.

Now I need throw pillows and a rug, but I will bask in the glory of my new furniture for today.

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