Monday, October 25, 2010

Running In The Rain

I call myself an unlikely runner.

I never thought I would be a runner.  I like high heels, baking and tequila.  But somehow I became a runner.  I run slowly but I run.

This weekend we needed to run at least 15 miles.  It is not easy to get a group of moms out of the house at the same time, we have kids and several schedules to juggle. 

There is no rescheduling, rain or shine we run. 

Yesterday it rained.

At first it was a light drizzle, small rain drops.  Kind of nice, just enough to make me feel strong and impressed with myself for being out there. 

Then the real rain started, soaking wet, big rain drops. I could feel my feet sloshing in my shoes, I could wring out my dry fit jacket.  When we finally finished, my toes looked like I had been soaking in the bathtub. 

It was not fun, I did not feel strong, it was hard.  Some runs feel great even in the rain, not this week.

Silver Lining: I am done (until next week), I have friends that are as crazy as I am and want to run in a rain storm, and I have friends who will watch my kids while my husband is at work and I am running.

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