Friday, October 29, 2010

My sassy girl

I cannot believe how big my girl is.

She is her own person.  Sure of what she wants, and does not want. 

I feel so impressed and challenged by her.  She drives me crazy and overwhelms me, in both good and bad ways.  She makes me feel both excited and proud.  

Some days I wonder what I am doing or more importantly what am I doing wrong.  

This months challenge for myself is to let go, enjoy and remember to show her that she is everything  I could ask for and more.  I will make sure that she sees how happy she makes me and how much joy she brings to me.  I will not cry over spilled milk, of clothes on the floor or....

I will take an extra ten minutes to snuggle her every night that she needs me to because  someday she will stop asking.

I will tell her a hundred times that I love her, that I am lucky to have her and she is everything she needs to be.

Thanks Tracy for the picture.

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