Monday, November 22, 2010

Errands with small people...

Lets call this my ode to Ikea.

I remember going to Ikea and wondering who drops off there kids in a daycare at a store, now I totally get it. 

I love the daycare at Ikea.

Taylor asks to go, and I am willing to indulge. 

We go, I drop her off for an hour, and I wander around.

When I pick her up we get her an ice cream, she eats it while playing.  She loves it and I get an hour to shop (or not), on this trip we need a small couch for the toy room.

Notice the dress, she wants to wear it everyday.

The hand dryer was a big hit.

I had to ask them to stop playing with the hand dryer so we could get out of the restroom,

Need a quick date, need a moment to think, need a couch, I highly recommend Ikea.

Jax cannot go into Ikea daycare but he likes shopping at the baby store 

I am pretty sure I can make any errand fun.  Errands have to get done and more then likely I am toting a cluster if children so lets make it work for everyone.

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