Friday, November 26, 2010

Rise and shine people it's thanksgiving...

...or the day after but this is the first time I have had to sit down with my computer.

Finished the night before: sweet potatoes (vegan and regular), turkey brining, pies baked, cranberry sauce done (by the way, I did little to none of this, thanks Autumn and Mom).

Thanksgiving morning at my house:

5:07: Jaxson is awake.

5:18: Jaxson is back in bed, I am making a much needed cup of coffee.

5:20: My sister, Autumn, is awake.

5:30: Jaxson is awake.

5:40: I leave to go running (Jaxson is still awake but no longer my responsibility, thank you Autumn).

7:30: Back home, everyone is awake (6 adults, 3 babies, 1 kid)

7:40: More coffee (much needed), make Margaritas to freeze for later (much needed), make breakfast for 6 adults, 3 babies and 1 kid.

8:00: Shower

8:30: Taylor's friend arrives for a play day (much needed).

By 9:00 the day was in full swing, we made stuffing (vegan and regular), my mom bundled the girls and took them to the park.

We cooked more, including lunch for the 15 people that were at the house by early afternoon, got the turkey in the oven, made and partook in several mimosas, put the little ones down for a nap, cooked, cleaned, drank frozen margaritas and spent time with friends that are like family and our actual family. 

I love having everyone in our house, I am so thankful that they come year after year.  I am thankful that my new house is bigger and feels slightly less overwhelming when everyone is here. I am thankful that I don't have to do all the cooking or, just as importantly,  all the cleaning.  I am thankful Rob enjoys having our house filled with our eclectic family.

Happy Thanks Giving,

More to come about Thanksgiving at our house. 

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