Tuesday, November 30, 2010

what a week

Thanksgiving is over and we are getting back into the normal swing of things.

We had a great holiday, it was the perfect mixture of family, friends, food and booze.

After the kids went to bed we ended Thanksgiving with board games and maybe a few more cocktails, it was so much fun.  We need to have adult game night more often.

We spent Friday being lazy in our PJs, not really doing much of anything but laying around playing with the kids and our computers.  (Terrible picture but it was too funny so I had to include it.)
Two more computers were being used on the couch that are not seen in the picture. Ridiculous I know.

Almost everyone has gone home, the dishes are done, pies are gone, turkey soup is made and we are ready for the next holiday.

*A quick update on the exciting things that are happening in my life this week this week.
  • Marathon count down...the California International Marathon is on Sunday, 26.2 here I come.
  • I sent is the 2nd draft of my thesis, cross your fingers that there will not need to be a 3rd draft.

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