Tuesday, November 30, 2010

everyone is gone

I love having a full house, I love hosting everyone but I love when everyone leaves.

My sister was the last to leave after the holiday, it was great having her, I appreciate getting to spend time with her and watch her with my kids, she is helpful and generous, but I am ready to have my house back.

Tonight Rob is at work, and the kids are sleeping.  I am alone in my home.

I joke that I married a man that is gone on purpose.  I love my husband but I love when he gets out of my house. 

Don't get me wrong, there are mornings when I snuggle in closer hoping to buy five more minutes before he has to leave. Some evenings I ache because I wish he was here. 

But tonight, I put the kids to bed, and I cleaned my kitchen alone and, it was so good. 

I am sitting snuggled up in a big down comforter with the TV on...alone and, it is so good.

I have friends who say they would hate to have there husbands gone at night, that by the end of the day they are counting the minutes until their husbands are home. 

Rob's 24 hour work day works for me, I relish in the space and love when he gets to come home to me.

As for tonight, everyone is gone and, it is so good.

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