Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Don't Scrapbook

I could not get it together to send out baby announcements (for either of my children).   Even my wedding invites went out late. 

When my grandmother passed away I was given my dad's baby book, I could not wait to see the pictures and what she had written. 

I opened it and it was blank!  Ok, not blank, his name and birth date were written in.  That is it.

I am ranting, I know,  but I wanted to point out that it is not my fault... it is hereditary.

Unless Rob takes up scrap booking, I am not going to get these pictures or stories into a book.

I am attempting to document our lives here.

Here a glimpse into our week:

Grandma is here visiting.

Jax is a mouse
My mom made this outragous costume
Happy Hour, yes life has changed.

My boy

My mom and my nephew James

*on a side note, our camera broke.  Until I get a new one, all of the pictures are from my phone, and it is not a iphone.  Hopefully I will have quality picts soon.

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