Monday, January 24, 2011

17 miles done

I ran 17 miles yesterday.  It was fine, not good, not bad, but fine.
I accidentally took this while I was pulling out my Gu

My first challenge was that I was relatively ambivalent about running it in the first place.  Rob was at work and I did not end up going running until 10:30 when he got home.  I normally start before the sun come up, 10:30 felt like the middle of the day.

My next challenge was due to ambivalence as well.   I did not fuel properly the day before.  We were at a 5 year old's birthday party and I ended up eating a "Cheese Burger No Burger" for dinner. 

In case this is not a regular item on your menu, it is a bun with condiments, lettuce and cheese.  I don't eat beef, so I improvise.  Not that I don't enjoy this culinary delight, because on occasion I do, but it is not an ideal pre-running meal.

The first four miles felt like they took forever, I kept thinking about all the miles I had ahead of me.  The next 8 were good, I got my stride and was broke down the miles into shorter increments.  It was much better to think about only having 3 more miles until I am half way done, or I am half way done all I have to do is run back not.

I was having a hard time just before mile 12 and then Eminem came onto my ipod, regardless of what your feelings are on Eminem, he is so good to run to.  His power and anger pushed me:

The roof comes off
Until my legs
give out from underneath me
I will not fall,
I will stand tall,
Feels like no one could beat me.

It gave me power and I felt great.

Great until mile 15, then it was hard again.  This is when my lack of proper pre-run nutrition became an issue.
I had used up almost everything I had, I felt empty and hollow and I tried to will my brain to leave my body and just let me run.  I did not want to think about it, I did not want to feel it, I just wanted to finish.

At mile 17 I felt amazing. The the final push, when I can see the last mile marker and I knew I can finish. I knew I have done it. 

It is amazing, I feel full and replenished. 

This is why I run.



  1. Eminem is my favorite running music, too!! (When I run, I mean...)

  2. Whatever gives you the grandma would say "Eat the meat and leave the bones"..Figuratively of course. Keep pushing- you are inspiring me (I dont run- but I really and truly want to start).


  3. I've said it once, I'll say it many times again... You are amazing!!! 17 on your own... Amazing!!

  4. You are amazing. And I totally agree about Eminem :-)