Monday, January 31, 2011

20 Miles...Rocked

The view from my run

I ran 20 miles on Friday and it was great!  The Best 20 miles ever. 

I did not hate any of it,  I felt good and strong, I loved it.

A group of us ran the first five miles and it felt like a normal morning run, quick and easy.  The next five miles my friend stayed and ran with me.  It was good to have the company it made the five miles feel like no big deal, not as quick but good (thanks for the run Amy).

I changed locations and went to the bike trail on my own for the last ten miles.  I told myself that I just had to do a quick five miles in and out again. 

It was a beautiful day for running, a little cool, a little foggy.  I felt strong, I felt powerful, I felt like a runner. 

It was a good day.  It was a good run.

Last week was crazy.  Crazy good and crazy bad.  My friends and loved ones were dealt some hard blows.  Running 20 miles seems like nothing compared to what they have endured, my thoughts and heart are with them.

Happy Running, be Strong,



  1. It is good to feel strong- especially when you are a wife and a mom. To get out there and be in your bliss...the benefits are great for you and your fam. Keep with it!