Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I do

I stay home with my kids.  I chose this.  I wanted this life.

I never thought I would stay home with my kids but when Taylor was born it felt right for my family and I.  I know people who would love to stay at home but it is not an option, and I know people who would not consider staying home with their kids.  There is not a right answer.

Occasionally, I struggle with the decision.  I liked working, I liked business cards and business lunches, I liked professional clothes and shoes, I liked getting a paycheck. 

I liked being a professional. 

I put my career on hold, I stopped moving up the ladder.

I don't want to work crazy hours any more, I want to snuggle my kids when they get up and before they go to bed.  I want to be their primary care giver all the time.  We have built our life so this is an option.  We live in Sacramento largely because it allows me to stay at home.

I want stay home but don't take that to mean that I am not strong and capable.  

I could fully support myself and my family.  It is not what I want but I could do it.

I choose this life, this is what I want, it is not for lack of other options.



  1. :) I for one like that you have choosen this! I'd get pretty bored w/out you! :)

  2. You have THE toughest job on earth and all mothers know it. It is a choice and an option and you are doing what is best for your unit. My advice to you is to stay informed. Life can swing pretty hard sometimes and we dont want to be the women who made this beautiful choice but be forced back out there and not have a clue what the "working folks" are doing. Nor do you want your every conversation to be about dirty diapers and playgroup. Not sexy. But those beautiful babies of yours are worth your time and love and...YES you are strong and capable too.