Friday, February 4, 2011

I was going to run this morning but...

I just could not do it.

I am taking a personal morning.  Taylor is at school (for a wopping 2.5 hours), Jaxson is napping and I am playing on my computer. 

You know what I like? 

Cooking Blogs. 

I have been playing on, she has a page of her favorite cooking blogs and there are some good ones, good pictures and fun to read.

I like reading about food.

I will sit down and read a cookbook just for kicks.  Which, by the way, if you are looking to do I reccomend reading Nigella Lawson.  If you have ever heard her talk you can hear her sultry voice when you read her cookbook.

Enough on that, it is Friday and it feels like the week has been endless.  I am tired.  I am trying not be be blaa today.  So in addition to taking a personal morning here are the other perks of my morning. Hopefully writing them down will be the perk me up I need.

Jaxson slept until 8:00, so I had the morning alone with Taylor.

My husband sent be flowers.

I sneezed and Taylor said, "bless you", from the other room.  It was a "good job mama" feeling.

I had Blue Bottle coffee (thank you Kyle and Tabby).

Ms. Grace, Taylor's preschool teacher, I had a good conversation with her.  Love her.

Rob is home from work, only for 20 hours the gone for 3 days, but at least he is home.

I am not running tomorrow so I can have a glass of wine or a margarita tonight.  Long runs on the weekend = no cocktails for me, which = no fun.

I am going to the city this weekend to play with my friends.

Happy Friday,



  1. i love reading your blog, it makes me happy.

    i watch nigellas cooking show all the time, she very seductive and loves food. at the end of the credits it shows her in her night gown at the fridge eating something lovely.

    miss you my sweet

  2. Good for you!! There needs to be a balance between having to run and wanting to run. And when you don't want to you don't have to. No Guilt! Sounds like a wonderful morning. Much needed and deserved!!