Sunday, February 6, 2011

I had good plans

We were going to spend Saturday in Oakland and San Francisco, I have had the date on my calendar for over a month now.  I was ready to spend day and night with friends and family.  Then we were going to come home on Sunday and head to a Super Bowl party, I like parties.

But, you know what they say about plans, the best laid kids got sick. 

We are home.

I feel bad for my sick babies.  Taylor keeps asking, "When will I be better?"

I gave her some orange juice and told her it should help her feel better. Half way through the cup she called, "Mom it's not working!" 

"What do you mean its not working, is the cup leaking?"

"No, I still feel sick, it's not making me feel better." 

Poor my baby girl. 

We were heading to the doctors so she could have her ears looked at and  just before we walked out the door Taylor coughed, it made her gag, which made her vomit, all over herself, me, the blankets, the couch and the carpet.  My sweet little girl then apologized to me for throwing up every where.

Poor girl. 

Poor me.

Rob went to work at about at 5:00 am Saturday morning and does not come home until 9:00 am on Tuesday.  That means that it is just me and the small people at home all weekend.  We are not good at staying home.

No parties, no trip to the bay, just home.

This may not be the most thrilling post, sorry but I am not having a thrilling weekend and for some reason I decided to share, aka whine about it.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday,


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  1. So hard...hang in there! One day she may be in college hundreds of miles away and you cant take her to the hospital but the boyfriend you hate does and then gets to make her soup and hang out with her afterward and you get sick thinking about it but there is nothing you can do but think, "this sucks"..Not that anything like that happend to me or anything like that. Yeah. Cherish the times...even if there is vomit involved.