Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ranting and Venting

I feel overly wound. 

Which is bad.  

I am generally happy to operate at a very tightly wound stage.  Overly wound is not good.

I feel as thought my head my explode at any moment, and I don't have a headache. 

Word of cation: Please, please, please don't say the wrong thing to me because I may loose it.

I try to be a good friend, wife, mother....and any other role I play on a give day or week.   How I effect others and the impression I make matters to me.   I hate it when I feel like I am coming up short, or when despite my best efforts, I leave someone feeling shorted.

I am give all of myself, all the time.  When it is not received well I feel it.

I am who I am, this is me, and that is it.  There are no pretenses, no falseness, just me.

I will hold your heart in my hand where I also hold my own.

Be cautious with me.  When I let you in, you hold my heart in your hands. 

Proceed with cation.

Just Me,



  1. I love you! You are an amazing person.

  2. I love you Elena. Don't worry I will take good care of your heart. Keeping running it will help you unwind and allow yourself to learn and grow from some things and file other things in a box and don't think twice about them. Life is too short to worry about all of it. You spirit and good intentions amaze me.