Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valenines Day

You know me, I love a holiday, I love a theme, but I have no urge to go out for Valentines day.

I will give Rob credit, he scheduled a babysitter so we could have a date.  But I opted out of the V day date, we went out on a date with friends the night before.

This is what Valentines looked like at our house:

Taylor and I made 27 Valentines for school

The girls baked cakes for there dads

Dinner with the Fam

Easy meal, store bought rotisserie chicken, green beans and strawberries. Done

What can I say, my baby

Rob and his cake
Then it was bed time for the kids and we watched a movie.

Easy. Perfect. Done.

Happy belated Valentines day,



  1. sounds like a perfect evening!

  2. Make it easy...makes it great!! Just doing SOMETHING makes it all good for family memories!!