Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home Alone...

I love this picture, before I felt I looked big and pregnant but now that I am not big and pregnant I love it.

I am having a case of the Sundays.

Remember when you were younger, and you went out all weekend, which started with Thursday night Ladies Night, then happy hour on Friday...., then Sunday would roll around and you would feel tired, and drained and all you want is something cozy and comforting.  A case of the Sundays is when you just want to hide out, snuggle, eat tomato soup and be cozy.  I don't want tomato soup I want Rob.

I love having time alone at my house, and for the most part the only time I get to be alone at home is when the kids are sleeping and Rob is at work.

I like it.  I like to be in my house alone.

But not tonight.

I don't need anything.  I had a good day.  I went a long run, I spent time with my kids and friends, the kids have been happy all day, and now they are sleeping.  This is my time.

But...I want my husband home.  I am over him being at work.

I would like to snuggle on my couch, and watch some TV, maybe he can rub my head (which is just about the best thing ever).

We are going on a date tomorrow night, and it can not come soon enough.  Right now I want date night on my couch, with my down comforter, the TV remote and my husband.

I am having a case of the Sundays.

I like being alone, I married a man that was gone on purpose but tonight I wish he was home.




  1. I love all the love happening at your house!

  2. Too sweet. I have a traveling hub and I love missing him. I keep his beater with his scent under his pillow sometimes and I take it out and sniff it. Does'nt melt away the missing part but it sure puts a smile on my face. Missing makes for great homecomings too (wink).