Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Quite A Domestic Diva: Instalment One

I dream of having dinner parties and having everything clean and done before everyone arrives, I would love to learn how to cook and bake with out making a disaster my kitchen.

I have not figured it out yet.

Today is Taylor's preschool teacher's birthday.  We love her, and when I love someone I feed them.  For Ms. Grace I am making wheat free cupcakes (she does not eat wheat).

I was going to get up at 6:00 to bake before the kids woke up.

The best laid plans....

At 5:00 the smoke detectors in my house started going off for an unknown reason. There are at least 10 smoke detectors in my house, it was LOUD!

Both kids woke up and were not going back to bed.  Shortly there after Rob left for work.

By 5:40, it was me, two sleepless kids, and 27 cupcakes to bake before school.

 With "help" from my small people we got it done.

Distracting the baby is key

Old picture, my hands were too sticky to get the camera.  I measure, Taylor dumps and stirs.

The Mess

I am a work in progress and not quite a domestic diva yet.

Happy Friday,


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