Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Remember life before you were a real grown up, more importantly before kids.

When Cinco de Mayo meant drinking too much because you could.

An excuse to day drink.

Not so much any more. 

I guess our night did include tequila and nudity.

Sounds wild. 


I managed to drink a margarita while making sure my son did not eat the cat food, or fall down the stairs or open the cabinets and pull everything out on his toes.

But there was tequila none-the-less.

As for the nudity, the small people were armed with water guns and several of them opted to strip off there clothes.

Crazy wild.  I know.

We stayed out late until 7:30.  Living on the edge.

My life is not a nonstop party.  From the outside it may look dull, but we went out with friends, we had cocktails, and by 8:00 my small people were sleeping, I call it good.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.



  1. I noticed your blog title on FTLOB, and it made me giggle out loud! So, just wanted to pop over and say hi. Happy cinco de Mayo!

  2. What a sweet shot, glad you had fun.