Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a moment

I don't take baths but my kids do.

When they spend time in the bath I get me time.

I love the bath, I love me time.

This morning I needed to workout and I did not have time to wait for the gym daycare to open.

So....water, bubbles and two kids went into the tub.

I set up my computer between the two sinks and turned on Insanity (workout videos that leave me dripping in sweat).

While I watched my kids play in the bath, I got to sweat for 45 minutes, take a quick shower, get dressed and do my hair.

It took more then an hour.

It was good.

Thought I would take a moment and say I love the bath.

Enjoy the moment,



  1. What a great way to start your day! I am envious of your morning workout!

  2. Having small children can make us very creative! :-)

  3. THAT is a seriously good idea, and I am already plotting how to get my kids in the bath for so long so I can get stuff done!

  4. ah! i love that you're able to find time in your day for you! :)

    and you go girl - i clicked on that link...the images alone scared me!

  5. What a GREAT idea! Seriously, that sounds like a great idea - good for you that you make that time for yourself! AND get that great workout in!

  6. Bathtime saved me when my kids were little!

  7. Good on ya! I'm not that smart ...well, maybe I would be if there were power outlets in our bathroom. Le sigh.

  8. Way to work in that work out!
    There is always a way to squeeze one in!!