Sunday, June 26, 2011

this girl is crazy

This girl of mine. 

She is kind but temperamental.  Generous and thoughtful but particular. 

She needs to know and understand what is happening and why. 

She loves babies.

She likes to be in control of her own reality. She does not handle change well but likes surprises. 

She is smart and goofy.

She is a runner but not coordinated enough for gymnastics.

She occasionally looses her mind, more often when she has lost control of her world. 

She loves dress up, taking care of people and a party. 

She is wild and sweet.

She is just like her mama.

She makes me crazy but oh how I love her,



  1. Stopping by to show some love from For the Love of blogs. She is so adorable! Sounds like my little one :)

  2. Yup she is so much like you! Love you both like crazy!!

  3. Beautiful post. Really enjoyed it :) Stopped over from FTLOB. Happy Comment Love Day!

  4. She sounds wonderful :) and she is so adorable! ♥ BJ