Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this is hard

I am sure you are all tired of reading my woe is me stories, if you can't take hearing about my broken foot anymore go ahead and stop reading now.

Yesterday I had to arrange child care for my children and I am going to be home with them.

On Friday Rob is going back to work, my mom is flying home, and by 6:30 in the morning I will be home alone with my kids.

I can't carry my baby, I can't help him down the stairs, I can't lean down and lift him off the floor, I run to stop him from hurting himself.

I can't be home alone with my kids.

I had to call a babysitter.

I can't take care of my own children.

It was deflating.  It was defeating.

A few hours of needing a baby sitter, not the end of the world, but it was hard.

It is easier to ask for help from Rob and my mom.  On Friday they are both leaving, Rob will be at work for four days.  My sister is coming on the 27th,  I needed to get three days covered.

Friday morning the baby sitter is coming, then my, over giving,  friend Liz is going to to bring herself and her kids over for a sleepover at my house.  I say over giving because her husband is having chemo that day and she offered to help me.

Saturday Morning my girlfriend and her kids are coming up from the city for the weekend to stay with us, help and play.

Finally my Sister will be flying in for ten days. 

This is hard. 

I am so lucky that I have wonderful friends and family who will go out of there way to help with my kids, or bring us meals, or do anything we need. 

But this is hard.



  1. It's not easy to hear but just like everyone told me 6 months ago...because of who you are and everything you have always done for us we all want to help you. I swear it feels like a line but it's the honest truth!

  2. I'm glad there's so many people out there to help. Hopefully there's some silver lining out there for this - at the very least, this is the day you remember when (6 months from now) you want to scream in frustration from having to do everything to care for the tyke.

  3. Just catching up - I'm so glad you have as much help as you do, and I can completely relate to how tough it is to NOT be able to do yourself what you are USED to doing yourself.

    Try to hang in there - it isn't forever, even if it probably feels like it is. We are all thinking of you :)

  4. I'm really sorry that it's so hard right now! *hugs*

  5. Oh I feel your pain *hugs* (not about the broken foot bit of course but the "this is hard" bit ;-))
    Hope things smooth out for you soon enough x

  6. Aw, I'm so sorry Elena!! I hope things get better soon. Wish there was something us bloggers could do to help!
    xo Star Hughes Living