Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sundays

I am having a case of the Sundays. 

The Sundays is a term left over from my younger days, when we used to go out all weekend, which started Thursday night, even when we had school and work on Friday.  By Sunday you were left feeling run down, tired a little sad and a little mopey.

You just want to curl up in sweat pants,  eat hot soup and snuggle.


That is how I am feeling.

I am sick of this damn cast, I am sick of bad news, I am sick of friends being sick, I am sick of looking at my floor and not being able to sweep it, I am sick of not being able run with my kids, or run on the trail.  I am sick of needing help, I am sick of my daughter loosing her mind and not knowing how to stop it, I am sick of hopping. 

I am over it.

I wish my husband was home.

Tomorrow my black cloud mood will fade and I will be perky and optimistic again, but today I am not feeling it. 



  1. I hope you feel better. I've had those days too, and they suck.

    Sending happy thoughts...

  2. I love you Elena. We all have these patches in our life, and it is ok to feel over it. Be easy on your self. This too shall pass. Hugs and Kisses

  3. Boo to the Sundays! Feeling like that is no fun.

  4. Sorry to hear that your having the Sunday blues! Any day though that I'm able to get up and walk around is a great day. I'm tired of being disabled! If I could turn things back to before I would but I can't. So I put on my brave face and live life to the fullest!