Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Is Booked

We have been dreaming about a vacation.

Not a trip to visit family, but an actual vacation.  You know one with a swim up bar,  little umbrellas in cocktails, sand, flip flops, snorkels, and beach towels.  A vacation.

Our first plan was to find a house to rent, a house that maybe had someone who would come in and help clean and/or cook.  The Dominican was looking pretty good, but the flights we averaging a minimum of 15 hours and Rob voted no.

I kept looking, and researching, and reading, and browsing and trying to find the right place.

Here in lies the problem the problem, I can look forever. 

We decided to talk to a travel agent, so we actually go on vacation and not just spend the next two months looking indecisively at options.  Within 24 hours our trip was booked.  We are are staying at an all inclusive resort, this will be a first for me.  It is not off the beaten path at all but

Mexico, Playa Del Carmen.