Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Rambling

I am spending a lot of time sitting, and watching the world go by.  I have a lot of time to think, random, not connecting rambles, and I thought I would share.
- One small piece of info about a person can totally change how I think of them, sometimes for the better.
- A 40 oz of beer is not cute once you have passed a certain age.  Pretty much once you are old enough to drink legally you should not drink them. At least not in public.  What you do in your own home is none of my business. 
- If someone that your boyfriend/spouse equivalent has been away for six months and he does not look like he is in the army, you should explain where he was otherwise one will assume he has been in jail.
- Some days it is easier to let your kids "earn a privilege back" then to be stuck in the house with them.
- Despite all efforts some days I feel like a shitty mom.
- Chocolate and booze make things better, sadly in my sedentary state I am avoiding both. Well for the most part.
- A warm night,  an aging hippy band, a picnic in the park and my family can remind me that I chose this life and it is pretty good.

Happy Friday.




  1. Chocolate makes me happier too.

    I'm sure you're a great mother.

    But I know the feeling. I tend to beat myself up a lot. Mainly because I don't feel like I play with my kids enough. But I find when I try to play with them they try my patience. Ever play CandyLand with a four year old? Yeah. Not fun.

  2. You are an awesome mom! I'm starting to think that every woman feels like a bad mother at least occasionally. I feel like that ALL the time!