Saturday, July 30, 2011

High Heels And Lotion

Remember your younger self, remember you imagined that you would go on a date every Friday night with the husband that you would meet someday.

My younger self would not be impressed with my current dating life.

We are making a point to date more this year.  To enjoy being a couple and not just a family.

We don't go out every week, sometimes once in a month is all we manage.  Rob is gone three nights a week and often more.  He is not home every Friday night or any other set day of the week. 

It feels good to get dressed, go out and and be my husbands date, his girlfriend. 

I am not a frumpy mom, I wear a dress and heels most days.  I don't spend my life in sweat pants unless I am going to the gym.  But I am a mom,  I spend a lot of my days on the floor and end up with peanut butter and banana smeared on my clothing.  I am a mess by the time my kids are in bed.

As sexy as broccoli in my cleavage is, being a grown up feels good, getting ready for a date feels good.  Taking a little extra time to put myself together, to fix myself up, to rub some lotion on reminds me of my younger self my sex pod self.

Rob and I go to a concert at a winery every year and for the past seven years it is the best date of the year.  I put on a new dress, a pair if heels, I do my hair and makeup (before I get in the car).

This year we stayed in a hotel, went to the concert, we ate, we drank, we danced (well danced while sitting with my broken foot).  It was a good night.

We will go on more dates this year, most will be closer to home and will only last an hour or two.  I will put on some lotion and high heels and be my husbands girlfriend.

We chose each other.  Someday the kids will leave,  Rob and I will still be here.

I want to know who he is, I want to know who we are.

What is you favorite date?




  1. Love this!! It is SO important to go on dates. Good for you!

  2. Yay comment love day!
    (Excuse my deleted comment, I can't spell.)
    I thought this post was so romantic of you. And so important!
    What is that saying?... In a healthy relationship, for every 2 pieces of broccoli in your cleavage from a toddler, there needs to be 1 squirt of Hershey's syrup from your man?
    Something like that...

  3. Awwww. It is very important to keep making time for each other. It seems like you guys have that figured out. Your winery/dancing date sounds great!

  4. Last Monday my husband went on a day-long date, driving through mountains and more. It was just so nice to spend an entire day together!

  5. Love the post and love this part..."I do my hair and makeup (before I get in the car)." Because, even without kids, that's how you know it's a "date" - I did my makeup in the BATHROOM!

  6. Lovely post, it is so very important. We have been empty nesters for many years so we date often. I can't say I have a particular favorite. But we always love to walk along the Oregon coast at sunset. Be Well, Katherine

  7. My husband takes a weekend day off so we can spend fun time as a family and he takes one weekday so he can spend time with me. This way, we get a date day almost every week when the kids are at school. It is very important in a marriage to not let the kids take all your time. It's great that you two have it figured out. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do appreciate it. xx