Friday, January 21, 2011

I like women

Not like I like men (my husband to be specific) but I like women.

I went to a girlfriends house last night, several of us were there working on projects (our blogs to be specific).  Some of us blog for fun and others are starting businesses.  Regardless of our purpose we were all there supporting, helping and enjoying each other. 

What an idea.

Even cartoons depict girls as being catty and mean to each other.  Why?  Why are we expected to be mean, jealous and nasty?

My closest girlfriends were my friends in junior high and high school and collage, we are still friends because we are real, we respect each other and we want good things for each other. 

I celebrate in their happiness and success and I ache when they struggle.  

As women we should hold each other up and not step on each other as we try to climb to the top.

I love and appreciate the women in my life, the ones I have known forever and the ones who I just met.

I like women,



  1. Kim, I had such a good time at your house, it was fun to meet some new people (I am always looking for new friends:).