Monday, January 10, 2011

A Moment About My Village

My life would not work without my village.

When I first moved to Sacramento I was devastated. 

This is not where I wanted to be but for many reasons (I will tell the story later) it made sense.

I never thought I would stay here but now I really like my life, it would be hard to leave.  I have made Sacramento my home because of my village.

I have three booster seats and a baby seat in my car and I only have two kids.

The flow of small people is constant, and I would not change it for anything.  My life would not work any other way.  Nor it would be as fun. 

I could not run a marathon, send out Christmas cards, write my thesis,  date my husband or for that matter be nice to my husband and kids or generally function without my village. 
I am a much better wife and mother because I do not have to do it alone.

If you do not have a village I recommend that you go out and make one.  

Happy Monday,


  1. have a wonderful village surrounding you because you are one of the most generous, thoughtful, giving people I know! I still remember those early days when we met you at V. Sattui...I knew then that you were a gem of a woman and mom! I'm hoping to make a similar village here in Rocklin now. Miss you! Hugs!