Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 Down

I ran 15 miles today. 

It was a beautiful morning.  Once the sun came up it was sunny and cool, perfect running weather. My friend Amy ran the fist half with me and I did the second half alone.

Sometimes when I run alone, two miles can feel like forever, but today was good.  I put my ear buds in and I was good to go.  

If you have seen me out and about you know I like to make friends, in the grocery store, at the coffee shop, the air port and while I am running.  I like to chat and I am happy to chat up a stranger.

Today most people were training for Shamrockin half marathon.  There were a lot of people out today, most of them were running 6 miles, I felt impressed with myself and my 15. Then I met a group of older men, the youngest one seemed around 65 and the oldest was 74, they were running 20 miles, and then I felt a little less impressed with myself.

As I came up on mile 12 I began to hear a jingle-jingle sound.  "Strange", I thought.  "The key I run with is just one key, what is  that sound in my bag?" (And by bag I mean the ultra attractive fanny pack belt thing that holds all my stuff while I run).

I stopped and pulled out what I thought was my car key.  But no. 

It was house keys, on a key-chain that looked a lot like the key-chain I take running.  It was totally dark when we started running and I just grabbed the key and we were off. 

I was unhappy, to say the least, when I discovered that the jingle-jingle was not a key.

Silver lining: Rob was home, I had my phone, and I was running 15 miles not 20. 

Rob loaded up the kids and drove about 30 minutes out to meet me with the spare key (thank you).

Not ideal, but better then it could have been.

I finally made it home and one ice bath later and I was ready for a day out with my family. 

In the ice bath looking for motivation

Next weekend 17 miles....

Happy Running,


  1. Luckily my brother tracked down Rob. Tab got Wednesday off so we will probably come up tuesday morning.

  2. So proud of you Elena! I was so happy to be out running with you again. I got home and felt the slightest tinge of jealousy that I wasn't doing the full 15 with you. But I quickly got over it, especially knowing there was no ice bath in my future!!
    I'm so glad you had your phone with you today!!!

  3. Kyle, yes luckily you tracked down Rob, I started to write about tracking him down but it got too wordy.

    Amy, it was good to have you out there. You should take a few months off then we will start looking for another full that looks good. Thanks for running with me.