Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A note on customer Service

Today's Rant.

I went out with some friends last night.  We tried a new local place, it was Tuesday night and they were busy.  Aparently they had not planned on being busy because they had one server, by the way she was also the bartender. 

Anyhow, we were there for 30 minutes and the (only) server never made it to our table.  She was hussling, but she never made it to take our drink order or even say hi. 

After 30 minutes we left.  We were not mad, we just wanted a glass of wine.

We changed locations. 

At the 2nd location of the evening, there was an area to sit with a couch and some chairs, we asked if we could sit there and order some wine.  The server's response was that they were too busy and he would have to check with the bartender to see what he could do. 

What the F***. 

I tried to remain calm. 

I asked if I could just buy some wine from the retail area then all we would need was some glasses, the server thought that was a better plan.  We bought the wine, then asked the bartender to open it, he then informed me that there was a corkage fee.

Again what the F***! 

They waved the fee, and we finally had a glass of wine.


If you are working and you are slammed, call someone to come help, an owner perhaps.  Then, until help arrives,  appoligze to anyone you are not able to help in a timely manner, and a glass or a bottle of wine gifted to the table as you run by does not hurt.

Also, when you have plenty of seating, please don't tell a group that you are too busy to help them.  If you would like them to come back.

I have worked in customer service,  I was super friendly (shocker I know), even if I was having a bad day, or was totally slammed, I would state as much with a smile on my face and keep it moving.

We ended up having a good time and staying past closing.

That's all for today's rant,


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  1. haha after the day you had did it feel good to get some of it out! :)